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2021 Summer Municipal Leaders' Caucus

Summer MLC Full Slide Deck

2021 Spring Municipal Leaders' Caucus

Day 1 - Full Slide Deck
Day 1 - Mental Fitness Presentation
Day 2 - Full Slide Deck
Day 2 - Mental Fitness Presentation
Day 3 - Full Slide Deck 
Day 3 - Mental Fitness Presentation

2021 AUMA President's Summit

Outstanding President's Summit Questions - Answered
AUMA/RMA Presentation - February 17
RCMP presentation - February 17
Justice and Solicitor General presentation - February 17
Outstanding questions for the National Police Federation - Answered
National Police Federation presentation - February 17
National Police Federation Polling results - October
Pre-Reading Package for February 17
Police Act Review - February 4
President's Summit on Policing - February 4
Alberta Police Advisory Board Presentation - February 4
Alberta Police Interim Advisory Board - Report on Municipal Policing Priorities
Pre-Reading Package for February 4

2020 AUMA Convention

Applying an Inclusion Lens to Policymaking
Municipal Elections - So far yet so close
Together We Can Shape the Future of Municipal Governance
Emergency Management, Economic Recovery and Development
Unlocking Alberta's Economic Potential
Housing for Health
Municipal Minister Mash-up

Summer Municipal Leaders' Caucus

Summer Municipal Leaders' Caucus

President's Summit

Day 1 - President's Summit 2020
Day 2 - President's Summit 2020

2019 AUMA Convention

AGM President's Report
AGM CEO Report
AGM Financial Presentation
When, Not If. Is Your Community Prepared for a Disaster?
How to Present Your Message to the Media
Moving Towards and EPR Paper and Packaging Program in Alberta
Building Better Lives Through Election 2019
Innovation in Research and Public Engagement
Audit and Finance Committee - Let's Go Phishing
Sustainability and Environment Committee - Recycling, Jobs, and Circular Communities
Small Communities Committee - Strong Partnerships Build Strong Communities
AUMA Executive Committee - Looking After Alberta's Taxpayer
Infrastructure and Energy Committee - A Conversation with Paula Simons
APEX Board of Directors - Employee Wellbeing: Emerging Trends and Continuing Barriers
Safe and Healthy Communities Committee - Exploring the Intersection of Mental Health, Addictions, and Crime
Municipal Governance Committee Session - How to Make Friends and Influence New Government
Annexation, Amalgamation, Dissolution & Specialized Municiapalities (prepared and presented by RMRF)
Councillor and Administration Conduct (prepared and presented by RMRF)


2019 AUMA Health & Wealth Forum

Creating Respectful Work Environment and an Inclusive Culture
The Importance of an Expert Medical Opinion
Cannabis at Work
Fraud and Risk Management
Trends and Challenges in Benefits
Occupational Health & Safety: #metoo and other emerging issues
Steps to Managing Workplace Bullying and Harassment
Workplace Bullying support document: WCB Psychological injuries (Employer Fact Sheet)
Workplace Bullying support document: WCB Bullying and harassment in the workplace (Worker Fact Sheet)
Workplace Bullying support document: WCB Comprehensive and psychological-vocational assessments (Worker Fact Sheet)
Workplace Bullying support document: WCB Psychological injuries (Worker Fact Sheet)
Workplace Bullying support document: WCB Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (Worker Fact Sheet)

2019 Summer Municipal Leaders' Caucus

Update on Provincial and Federal Advocacy
Won't You Be My Neighbour - Navigating ICFs
Can I Get a Seconder - Changes to AUMA's Resolution Policy

2019 AUMA Public Risk Conference

Cannabis: What's Next?
Community Resiliency & Disaster Recovery
Cyber Security
Environmental Risk Management Panel
Limiting Liability Through Effective Waivers
Managing Risk Through Sustainable Practices
Municipal Asset Management
Risk Management for Municipalities & ERM
Valuation and Loss Controls Interactive Workshop
Wildfire Community Resilience

2019 Spring Municipal Leaders' Caucus

Municipal Funding Framework
Streamlining Government
Indigenous Councils and Elections

Federal Infrastructure Funding

2018 - AUMA Analysis of the Integrated Bilateral Agreement between Canada and Alberta for the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program

2018 Provincial Budget

AUMA 2018 Provincial Budget Analysis
Government responses to AUMA's 20 Questions regarding Provincial Budget 
AUMA News Release - Budget 2018
Letter to The Honourable Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta

2018 Spring Municipal Leaders' Caucus

March 14 - Day 1
Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI)
MGA Change Management Tools
March 15 - Day 2
Executive Committee Session
Welcoming and Inclusive Communities
Community Power Generation
Regulations and Bylaws for Cannabis Legislation - Sundial Growers
Regulations and Bylaws for Cannabis Legislation - Town of Olds
Regulations and Bylaws for Cannabis Legislation - AGLC
Solid Waste Management

2017 AUMA Convention

Wednesday, November 22
Infrastructure and Energy Committee Report
"Whose Council is it Anyway" - The good, the bad and the ugly of council roles and conduct
& Municipal Governance Committee Report
APEX Board Update
Municipal Impact of CPP Reforms
Audit and Finance Committee Report
Cybersecurity for Municipalities
Elected Officials Professional Development Committee 
Safe and Healthy Communities Committee Report & Legalization of Cannabis in Alberta
Small Communities Committee Report
Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks for Small Communities
Sustainability and Environment Committee Report
Mapping Your Future: Shaping Your Municipality Through Land Use Planning - Truper McBride
Mapping Your Future: Shaping Your Municipality Through Land Use Planning - Betty Osmond
Thursday, November 23
Alberta Recreation and Parks Association Presentation
Asset Management: Fighting Fiction and Fad with Facts - Presented by LGAA
Building Effective Relationships with the Business Community - Leann Hackman-Carty (EDA)
Building Effective Relationships with the Business Community - Jonathan Seib (ACC)
Building Relations with Indigenous Peoples - AUMA Presentation
Building Relations with Indigenous Peoples - Jerry Firth & Amanda Scout
Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery - Canada Task Force 2
Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery - Insurance Bureau of Canada
National Housing Strategy - An Update
Procurement Practices for Alberta's Municipalities - AMSC Procurement Program
Procurement Practices for Alberta's Municipalities - Service Alberta
Smart Cities and Communities: Practical Advice to Acheive Success
Social Media Strategy: Politics, Communications and Crisis
Strengthening Police Services
Tackling Alberta's Opioid Crisis


Press Release: Municipalities call for measured pace in legalization of marijuana
2017 Federal Budget Analysis 
Press Release: AUMA responds to 2017 Federal Budget
Spring 2017 Provincial Budget Analysis
Press Release: AUMA responds to 2017 Provincial Budget
Responses to: AUMA Questions 2017 Provincial Budget
Submission for the 2017 Provincial Budget
Spring 2016 Provincial Budget Analysis
Responses to: AUMA Questions 2016 Provincial Budget
Responses to: AUMA Questions 2015 Provincial Budget
Solutions to address health and safety issues relating to marijuana production
Municipal Regulation of Federally Licensed Medical Marijuana Production Facilities
Urban municipal water conservation
Municipal water policy on stormwater


AUMA submission to the Minister of Municipal Affairs about Consultation on the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA)
AUMA submission to the Government of Alberta's Fair Deal Panel, February 2020
AUMA submission to Premier Kenney after President's Summit, February 2020
Joint AUMA, AAA, RMA, and ARMAA Submission on Draft Regulated Industrial Property Assessment Guide
AUMA Submission on Local Authorities Election Act Review
2018 Budget Submission Letter to Premier Notley January 2018
Submission for National Housing Strategy Consultation, October 2017
Submission on July 2017 Municipal Government Act (MGA) Regulations
Answers to AUMA Questions Budget 2017 and AUMA Analysis of Provincial Budget 2017
Presentation to Standing Committee on Finance, October 2016
Energy East Letter to Canada's Municipal Associations, March 2016
Submission for Linear Property Tax, February 2016
AUMA's revised MGA submission, September 2015
Budget 2015 and Capital Plan submission
Letter to Premier and Ministers: Provincial Budget submission
Letter to Minister of Finance: Federal Budget
AUMA's submission to the MGA Review process


Summer Mayors' Caucus, June 2017
Opening Remarks
President's Report
CEO Report

Welcoming and Inclusive Communities:

June 13 - Welcoming and Inclusive Communities
June 14 - Welcoming and Inclusive Communities
June 14 - Presenter: Liz Olsen, Municipality of Jasper
June 15 - Welcoming and Inclusive Communities
June 15 - Presenter: Mayor Chris Spearman & Roy Pogorzelski, City of Lethbridge
June 15 - Presenter: Mayor Barry Morishita & Libin Joseph, City of Brooks

Changes to AUMA Resolution Policy
Legalization of Marijuana and Municipal Impacts
Successes in Regional Collaboration (Day 1 & 2)
CAO Session
CAO Presentation by Aon Hewitt - CPP Expansion
Mayors' Caucus March 7, 2017
AUMA Provincial Leaders' Breakfast - VIDEO
Economic Development and Broadband
Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Action
Impact of US Political Changes
Infrastructure, Water, and Transportation Initiatives
President's Report
Modern Electricity Market
Panel - Preparing for the Legalization of Marijuana 
Presenter - Bill Sweeney, ADM Public Security Division, Alberta Justice & Solicitor General
Mayors' Caucus March 8, 2017
Implications of Carbon Levy
CEO Report
MGA Change Management
Recommendations for a New Funding Model to Replace MSI
CAO Session
MLA Open House November 29, 2016
MLA Open House presentation
2016 AUMA Convention October 5-7, 2016
October 4
Legal Issues in tough times - Poretti - Layton
Legal Issues in tough times - Becker Brookes - Young
Legal Issues in tough times - Taitlinger - Ward
Building your leadership skills for the 2017 Election - deBruijn
Building your leadership skills for the 2017 Election - Downs
Building your leadership skills for the 2017 Election - Griffiths
Building you leadership skills for the 2017 Election - Hume
Asset Management - Caterina
Asset Management - Wodzicki
Asset Management - Sanchez
Asset Management - Rechenmacher - Azimi
Munix AGM
October 5
Keeping up to date with Changes to Retirement Services - Noel-Bentley - Poirer
Keeping up to date with Changes to Retirement Services - Brown
The Economic Realities of Alternative Energy - Deising
The Economic Realities of Alternative Energy - Sandercock
The Economic Realities of Alternative Energy - Grant
The Economic Realities of Alternative Energy - Caterina
The Future of Municipal Water Services - Chichak
The Future of Municipal Water Services - Ashbolt
The Future of Municipal Water Services - Manning
What makes Municipal Councils Effective? - Walters
What makes Municipal Councils Effective? - Hume
Building a Stronger Local Economy through Entrepreneurship - Ayrey
Housing your Community - Adams 
Housing your Community - Taylor
Housing your Community - Pateman
Housing your Community - Wotten
Housing your Community - Rogers
Member Priorities Drive Federal and Provincial Advocacy Efforts - Holmes
Responsible Financial Oversight; Ensuring Member Confidence - Rude
What's coming with Municipal Legislation and Regualtions - Stevenson - Noce
President's Address - Holmes
MGA Review
October 6
Gender Based Analysis - session
Municipal Implications of Impending Marijuana Legislation - Swainson
Municipal Ombudsman - Hourihan
Taking Care of Yourself - Ohlhauser
Bringing out the Lighter Side of Life - Stewart
Councilor Conduct and the Modernized MGA - Solowan
Energy - Hastings-Simon
Indigenous Relations - Houle
Indigenous Relations - UIP
Indigenous Relations - UAS
Chart your Course Towards Community Well Being - group
Developing Broadband Solutions - Miller
Developing Broadband Solutions - McInnis-Gustafson
Drones - Condie
Drones - Carrasco
October 7
AGM - Bohaichuk
Trbiute to Wildfire Emergency Management and Recovery - Allen
Mayors’ Caucus June 15-17, 2016
AUMA Opening Remarks and MGA Context
Minister’s Message
MGA Working Sessions
Improving Rural Health Services
Alberta Health Services' Speaking Notes
Calgary Regional Partnership
Climate Leadership and Impact on Utility Industry
Recording of Presentations on New Directions for Growth Management Boards
Mayors' Caucus March 9, 2016
Premier's Speech
President's Report
CEO's Report
Infrastructure and Transportation Priorities
Brownfield Redevelopment
Climate Change and Environmental Initiatives
Engagement with AUMA
Advancing Affordable Housing
Municipal Governance
Hon. Danielle Larivee, Minister of Alberta Municipal Affairs
Mayors' Caucus March 10, 2016
Combatting Crime and Enabling Safe Communities
Hon. Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General
Global Economic Trends
Inclusive Communities and Workforce Matters
Hon. Jeff Parr, Deputy Minister of Labour
Intermunicipal Development Plans
Economic Development and Trade
Addressing Seniors and Housing Needs
Hon. Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Seniors and Housing
CAO Session
Linear Tax Symposium 2016
AUMA presenting linear taxes 
AUMA President Speaking Notes
AAMDC - Linear assessment in rural Alberta
AAMDC President Speaking Notes
Meryl Whittaker, ADM Municipal Assessment and Grants, Alberta Municipal Affairs
CAPP Perspectives on Linear Assessment
Revenue Sharing: Town of Edson and Yellowhead County
Strathcona Mayor Speaking Notes

Policy papers

Municipal Water Policy on Stormwater
2014 Municipal Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity Plan
Municipal Water Policy on Wetlands
Energy Efficiencies and Canadian Energy Strategy
2012 Property Assessment policy paper
2010 Property Assessment policy paper